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my car wont run properly in idle or driving, in idle car dies and runs roughly, car also acts like its not getting enough gas when trying to accelerate and falls on its face alot when trying to go through the gears, i...
black soot out of tail pipe
Do i really have to pull out the dash?
how do i get it apart to change the pickup in the distirbutor
how much would it cost to adjust or replace the valves
driving on freeway and timing belt broke will valves be damage also?
The air filter is getting a lot of oil in it. I was told to try changing the pcv valve, so I went to the parts store and got one but now I can't find anything that looks like what I got at the store
i cant compress my lift supports on my wagon to put them on any ideas how to do this
Tach does not work 1987 GL is the intrument panel voltage regulator at issue or a bad tach unit? how to tell which? \\smile//
where is the power steering fluid
I can't get the replacement axle to slide into place
I was driving on the highway when my car would not pick up over 55. The engine overheated and I pulled over & the car was towed to the nearest shop, who advised the car was not drivable because the headgasket blew. T...
The system is empty now and I replaced some componets, need to charge it now.
seems that no fuel is reaching the engine