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my car wouldnt start and i had to have it towed to a ford dealership. they said engine sludge was the problem. tookengine apart. have had car for 2 weeks. fords says we did not maintaian car. I was able to give deale...
At the last oil change 3 weeks ago, the washer fluid was topped off. I was told the fluid they use is for -20 degrees.
Her car was under recall for LOCALIZED OVERHEATING OF THE ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD WHICH MAY CAUSE CRACKS THAT COULD ALLOW OIL TO LEAK. She took it to the place she bought the car and a week later she calls them and they ...
Having fuel in oil? Having to change oil alot,dealer will cover oil changes but can't find problem!
What can I use to get it off of the lower edge of left door? My grandson got it off the painted part of the door but not lower part as that part of the door is like black plastic?
hit my breaks hard it pulls so hard i have almost hit someone twice now
I have had my escape in the shop 3 times in the last 2 months of owning it, it is a new vehicle. The number 3 coil keeps having to be replaced and the vehicle is burning alot of fuel. The check engine light keeps co...