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Did a vehicle health report and said it was engine/emissions failure. Thought my fuel pump was bad. Listened for loud or erratic sounds when I turned key to aux position and sounded fine. Checked air filter and it was...
saying tire system failure
when it is 70 out side my car has ac when itis 80 outside no ac it is cold then hotand when i go down a hill itgets cold when up it gets hot. real fast and my fan is on when i turn the car on the fan is on all the t...
my 2011 FORD ESCAPE fan is on all the time and is very loud
2011 FORD ESCAPE ac coming out hot when car is on but when the car is off it is cold can you help
Dealer says the plug is leaking, need to replace compressor, recharge the whole system to the tune of 900 dollars... OMG
The reason for this is someone spilled some coke over it. How do i take the cover off to clean the shiftier?
no problem need to knowif engine has a timming chain
My new car has developed a rattling/vibrating sound when driving coming from passenger side air vent area. I have adjusted all vents during the sound. Stops completely when not moving.Open up glove compartment---only ...