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In drive while stopped at red light vehicle vibrates then taking off it jerks. But while in motion its ok. While in park or neutral its good. Hearf it can be motor mounts I don't know. If it is about how much will i...
While driving its ok just when it'd stopped in drive. It vibrates, shakes. In park iys ok
I cranked the car and let it run a few minutes. Noticed it was running right and went to shut it of but before I coud it started making a loud squealing noise. I corrected the crossed up connectors but now I have no p...
Original EGR valve blew out and the tube was distorted and the valve end. Current standings: -Rough Running -Self shutdown -New Egr valve -New EGR Tube -New Vacuum Lines -New Vacuue Switch
The airbag light was flashing continuously and then I had to have the dash took out to repair valve core. Now the light is out but it makes a loud 5 beep alarm and repeats it over and over. This is a 2003 ford escape.
If I cut wires will it affect anything else?
It still blows cool or hot. It just stays on defrost mode.
there are no warning lights,it seems worse with warm weather.
Ac compressor started making noice then would quit , now it's locked Up tight smoking the s belt. How do you replace it, anything special I should know ?
After replacing the canister purge valve and two downstream oxygen sensor, the check engine light is still on, and the same group of codes displayed. When turning check engine light off it comes on again after turnin...
2003 ford escape,, 80.000 miles. easy miles, well taken care of,driver side back axle seal, diff entrey, leaks, others i know same issue same side.also the mis just started this winter.i would spray wd40 on electric c...
fuel tnak hose ( releasing is leaking. what do u called that exact body part is that ( hose)