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Vehicle developed a strong sputtering from a standing start through all acceleration and demand. Mechanic said things are jazzed up on top portion of engine. Yet , reading this forum makes me think it may be the coi...
Bought a 2002 ford escape the radio was stolen and now it won't pass inspection what can I do
I insert the key and turn it and NOTHING... A friend said that there is a Thief deterrent reset button on them UNDER THE DASHBOARD but i CANNOT LOCATE IT. i HAVE TRIED UNHOOKING THE BATTERY AND STILL NOTHING.
It sounds like the seat belt signal but its not. Nothing shows up on the dash while the dinging is going on.
The battery light has been coming on when I start the car for the past couple of weeks. Can someone help?
Think mechanic said cylinder had to be replaced after replacing spark plug does not remedy problem, but did he say coil? How much does it cost to repair coil? Cylinder?
the brass threaded seat has been stripped out of the plastic valve cover. the seat takes a stud that holds down the engine access cover. nut size is 8mm and 10mm at the base. I imagine it is a 4 mm stud?
02 Ford Escape 3.0l B1S2 oxygen sensor. I 've gone to 4 different mechanics some say before and some say after the catalytic. I've changed out 1 after the engine going toward the muffler I dont see any sensors after t...
when vehicle is idling, blows cool heat. when driving, blows warm air.