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It shuts off when I push the clutch in and letting off the throttle. Starts right back up when I go to start it. It may not do it again for a few times or it may do it consistently. Do not lose any electronics or anyt...
I have a constant low vacuum at the EGR valve less than 5 Hg at idle, which it seems is enough to move the diaphragm in the ERG valve. I replaced the EGR solenoid, and I have voltage at the solenoid plug. However if I...
Replaced Throttle sensor but light is still on. What next?
button is broken and needs to be replaced . do you need to remove the steering wheel? will unhooking the battery disable the air bag?
Ever so often escape will not start. when jumped off it starts right up. something is draining the battery but so far cannot find what. battery and alternator have been replaced but still have problem. was taken to fo...
how do you bleed the clutch if there is air in the master cylinder
when starting and shifting in to drive gear stuck in reverse and the lever is in the lock position and wont move how do i fix this?