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I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having troubletrying to fix code 12 in the ABS, no brake light on only ABS light. Grounded Test terminal and light on Dash Flashed code 12 the break fluid is full.
I have a 1993 Ford E350 and I am having trouble trying to fix code 12 in the ABS system.Can some give me the steps how to get the ABS light out?
i just replaced the starter, and have installed two new cable post pos. and neg. but still have the same problem. oh... all the fuse's are good... please help.....
My brakes are dragging on my 1993 ford Econoline van e350. I have changed the master cylinder, front calipers and the brake hoses.front brakes are holding. Does anybody know why?
I have a 1993 Ford e350 Ambulance with a 7.3 Diesel tourbo Powerstroke.There is an electrical component located to the back of the high-pressure oil system reservois,it is small box with four pins to plug into harnest...
Am considering changing the fuel filler tube but not sure that will resolve. Trouble code shows P0443 & P0449
I purchased 2 920 cranking amps batteries and when I tumble the motor it seems to tumble slow
is that enough voltes to start a ford e350 ambulance
what is the recommended voltage to start a 1993 ford e350 ambulance
my 93 ford E#350 is rnning ruff, and it will nut stay runing . it has a 7.5 gas engine. will some bad exhaust manifold gasket cus that ?
I try and add gas to my camper, and it will not take the gas? like something is blocking the gas from going in.
i added antifreeze and and it leaks right out a lot but not from radator
motorhome fuel gauge doesnt work...ford e350 chassis
I would love to know the procedures and tips for replacing the aging, leaking original brake master cylinder on my 1993 Ford Econoline E-350 7.5L V8 Cutaway 29' Tioga Motorhome