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My van grinds when I start it then make a rattleing noise when I take off
engine was cranking, voltage shows 14 plus volts, then it faded to nothing - smell of plastic, now no crank
i have a 1990 motor home and have wiring issues to fuel system
Is there a o-ring in the fuel line connector at this device. How does this connection come loose so that it can be repaired?
1982 ford 460 does it have a adapter that the filter screws on,is it removable to replace a gasket or o ring seems like that is where the oil leak is comming from. thanks
1982 ford 460 v-8 oil leak around top of oil filter, tighten filter , no difference, changed filter still leaks, using fl 1a oil filter.there is a bolt just above the filter mounting not sure if it comming from there...
I replaced the power steering pump and the steering is so tight I have to use all my strength to turn
I have a 1991 Tioga Mantera class c motorhome built on a 1990 Ford e350 chasis. IT has a gas 460 cubic inch engine. MY problem is I have a good chasis battery (been tested) but IM not getting any electrical power. The...
spark to disrbuor but not out
got a 1990 e350 box truck that has just about no brake pedal we have changed the master cylinder and the front brake pads also adjusted the rear brake shoes
what is the tool and procedure used to remove the front brake calipers?