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I have replaced the maf the oxygen sender on bank 2 and the down stream and the coil pack for cylinder 6
and oil cooler tried pressuring up with air but im getting air leak from some where under close to where my oil cooler goes
humming sound coming from air intake at idle ,During accelerating the ac stops blowing through cabin vents and starts blowing through floor and defrost vents.
My work van works fine but after a traffic light sometimes when I press on the gas it moves slowly and then it picks up speed. In addition sometimes when I am on a traffic light the car seem to jump foward (like a kic...
The van was in a minor accident. Hit a guard rail. It was driven home but would not turn over the next morning. A clicking noise can be heard near the battery and at the starter. The headlights do not dim when the...
How do you remove brake dust from the body of the car?