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Have not even found the plug wires on this. don't know anything about it. I can see the engine has in head cams because of the cam covers on each head. Alt. is in center of eng. and it is a V8 by the size of it. Runs ...
it starts back up every time just stalls when I put it in gear
heat comes out when van is moving but the fan does not work.
I need to know what kind of automatic transmission fluid my van needs.
No fault codes set. Intermittantly runs rough on initial throttle opening only. I replaced the coil pack, all the vacuum hoses, ignition wire set, spark plugs, cleaned throttle body. Condition persists. I am thinking ...
the engine runs great but the oil & coolant are mixing & pouring into the reserve bottle but not in the engine.
if i read 12volts between the negative cable and negative post does that mean i have a short in the system i was told it should be about 6volts
how do i change the belt