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i havent driven it. I'm thinking it about purchasing it tomorrow. i just want your best opinion.
you can open it or lock/unlock from inside, but cannot get the door open from the outside....is it likely that just the cable is broken or disconnected or the actuator? these are manual locks. help!
Check engine light is on. P0306 is code.
At normal operating temperatures when I shift the truck into reverse the engine shuts down, transmission & torque converter are newly rebuilt.
is there a temp fix for a gasket leak in one spot IE forma gasket
r ough idle stalling when stoped
my check engine light came on I ran a scan with my OBD11 and the following codes came up PO171 Bank 1 too lean and PO174 Bank 2 also lean. How do I fix this problem when it say too lean does this mean my mixture is t...
My e 250 1996 stalled out on the road , cant get it started now, some one told me its the coil wire to my distributer thats why it wont run. i have no idea an low funds to fix.