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Do you have to lift engine to clear the frame to replace the pan gasket???
just replaced plugs wires cap rotor ect ect now it starts and runs beautifully but when i put it is gear it dies anyone know what the problem might be
I'm having a problem with my rear brakes. They lock up when I'm driving and smoke starts to billow out. Sometimes if I sit and wait for them to cool down for a while, I can drive it again but sometimes not. Highway...
I took off belt and everything turned freely except the air pump pulley. Van restarted w/o belt but then battery died because the alternator wasn't being turned and electric fuel pump was failing also because of low b...
code 708 tranny problem dosent shift at all
The van starts but it floods
I need to know torque and procedure for installing new head gasket Ford 4.9 inline 6 E250 1993
It ran fine yestrday, this morning it wont start the plug has fire and the fuel pump is working ..I heard a hissing sound for a couple days before it wouldnt start...