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had some smoke from the wires on the master cylinder and burnt the wires to the ABS can you please tell me why the master cylinder got so hot to melt the wires thank you
Van has been down for a while having problem with valve cover would like to know if anyone has worked on this type before.
never had this till a 2rate shop installed a new drag line at 20,000 miles... instisting l needed it, now l can't get rid of the shmmy
The car is giving me a trouble code for "Exhaust Gas Recirculation Insufficient Flow", So I put seafoam in the intake manifold vacumn hose, and in the gas. I reset the codes and drove around a bit, and the light came ...
o You Have to Pull the Motor or can they be replaced in this van , Ford says to pull the motor
how hard is it to replace the blower switch?