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please help? Auto pro gave me transmission fluid and said it would be ok. Have I damaged my clutch from using this fluid. Clutch wont work. Have tried to bleed the clutch again but still wont work.
how to replace AC/Heat blower control switch
I am replacing all tie rods etc. I want to have a general toe in spec before I get the appointment at the alignment shop
My fuel tank has just begun leaking only when I am filling up the tank. It appears to be coming from the area right in the middle of the tank, running down the side and to the back of the tank where it then drips on ...
I have cloth seats I have noticed I get a shock when exiting the Van, any ideals what is causing this.. anyone else having this issue, also brake pedal goes to floor sitting at idle, even after replacing master and ne...
On my 2001 F-150 model Ford pick up truck the windshield wipers literally locked up together yesterday during a very hard rain shower, stopped completely until I could get our to undo them, but now their back and fort...
it is always like that. sometimes it will stall siting at a red light when the air cond. is not on. madison@mtes.brcoxmail.com
She is running fine ,battery about 2 yrs old . She doesn't get used often and when she does,it is short milage. About 3 weeks ago when I went to start her, she turned over easy but didn't fire. When hubby came home he...
where is the mass air flow sensor located on the engine
The rear side cargo door latch has malfunctioned and I need to remove the door handle assemble in order to service but it appears to be riveted. Before I drill the assembly can someone verify if this is correct.
need new front brake pads and rotors
the trip meter stopped working this mornig on my trip from Mo. and the odomitor also does not work how do I fix this