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Van has front and rear heat. Need to replace all of the hoses. Parts store says it takes 5/8 and 3/4 inch hoses.Need to know how long each one is (does one go to the back and the other from back to front?)Also, I can'...
van running fine , I changed valve covers, now will not start AT ALL. I've replaced coil, ICM, Starter solenoid/relay. Still nothing I am with out a vehicle for last 3 days ready to go NUTS.... HELPPPPPP
I replace the distributor and did a tuneup when it first started doing it six months ago,the tack also stopped working. The problem is back and now it is also cutting out while driving, almost like turning the key off...
All fuses are good. Light never came on until alternator was replaced. The airbag has never deployed.
it will start again after cooling off have changed the fuel pump ignition module distributor and the coil
van stalls. It will restart after a few minutes but stalls again when you have to decelerate. By the next day it will may run fine or have a problem after a hour or so. Only has happened when its very hot out but no...