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positive wire. could it be a pressure switch? or what do you suggest?
The car has 43,000 miles on it, and runs very well most of the time. After taking an 800mi. road trip for Thanksgiving, I returned home and the next day, the car started to lag and the CEL illuminated. Hooked up my OB...
It just happened a few days ago, everything seemed normal, though she does tend to backfire a bit when I brake she's in pretty good condition.
I just got a oil change literally 2 days ago and it was running fine the day of, today when I drove my car it felt as if I never got one. When getting a tune up the mechanic said that the oil I guess isn't distributin...
Is there anything else that can cause this problem.
I get horrible gas mileage
I keep seeing warnings on the replacement intake manifolds I am needing to buy
I attempted to bend the wiper arm slightly to apply more pressure to the wiper blade and it seemed to work for a couple days but then the wiper blade popped up again and will not stay down?
air blowes cold not hot change temp. but no change in air blowes cold
Check engine light stays lit after after clearing with removal of negative battery cable after second engine start. Also has a P0453 code. The P1450 is a specific factory code that my inexpensive Actron reader/book do...
The engine is a v 8. Oil is getting on top of the plug and causing it misfire.