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Hello, i have ford crown victoria 1999, a recent problem that appeard is when i drive the engine light blinks and engine stops. if the engine is start not moving or acceleration it's okay. i have recently changed fu...
if you let off acceleration it will blow cold. cant tell if a/c clutch is cycling correctly. Recent misfire in cylinder 4 and a/c started doing this. recently had intake replaced. ran great until positive cable po...
Like a previous questioner below, my Crown Vic is experiencing the brakes "kicking back" about 60-70% of the time, like when on ice but during regular weather. It has a grinding sound when it happens and pulsates also...
Can a bad connection to the battery make my head lights stop working. my head lights won't stay on I change the switch but they still won't stay on
My head lights won't stay on ..I cange the switch and they still won't stay on
When I try to gun it it chuggs like its missfiring even though all plugs were changed and boots like shop said what could be wrong???
I just drained and put on a new power steering pump, when I went to bleed the system I noticed that when I added the new fluid to the system in started to change into a milky color, what would cause this? thanks
it blubber and dies. it take sitting in car with foot on gas pedal for 5 to 10 minutes before it will stay running but if it's warm out it starts like brand new car. any ideas?
i put a whole tank of gas in it. after i go down the hill and i stop at 3 to 5 stores its on empty again...why??? also when i stop at red lights i always have to put it in park so it wont shut off..
Have a 97 Explorer been having problems with the "ABS" step on pedal & it "Kicks" back with a knocking noise,should usually do this when on "ice or snow" but does it on dry pavement..is it the module or something else...
wasn't getting heat at one point so I decided to just change the whole system,water pump,upper intake,thermostate,all coolant hoses,heater core,radiator,even bypass reservoir..still my heat isn't as hot as it should b...
need someone in myrtle beach area
light blinks 3 times than 2 code 32
the battery die on my car I replace the battery and now the car will not start.i took the starter to get test it and is fine the car will turn over but it will no start any sugestions