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Radiator is leaking alittle bit. Car over heats when I stop.
Just installed a new tps sensor 2 months ago. I have been experiencing this problem every since.
Is there a way to fix the my odometer or do I have to replace it?
how many sparks plugs does this car need
I need to replace this part, but my Chilton doesn't tell me where I can find it. Please help. Thank you.
check engine light comes on after driving for about 15 minutes. obd1 code reads 766,and 34. can't confirm 766.
this problem makes my driving very unsafe LOOSE steering at higher speeds (over 50 milles / hr)it feels like power steering pump is not STIFF eough at higher speeds. My understanding is that pump should work LESS at h...
changing brake pads, how do I compress the caliper piston to insert the newer, thicker pads for re-install on rotor(trying to avoid opening bleeder, and keep lines from being bled)
air will not blow out da front vent
transmission has been acting weird for 3 months, sometimes 1st 2nd drive work but no reverse....then something randomly happened and now only reverse and no foward gears. in the recent past if i give it gas for a w...
When the vehicle gets hot; the brakes seem to lock and the car will not accelerate.
my dashboard or door do not unclock . i check my fuses replaced a burnt one and it still does not work ??
When i turn the engine off on my 93 crown victoria, there is a ticking from the driver's side. Removing fuse 4 stops it, but it also stops the radio.
install a timing chain
Our 93' Crown Victoria Is Leaking Gas Severely And Last Night Ran Out Of Gas Immediately After Putting 8 Gallons Into It. It Leaked All The Gas Within 2 Miles! Any Ideas As To Where The Leak Is Coming From (seems To...