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I am replacing the heater core on my 1996 Ford Contour. Screws are stripped and cant get anything into the tight spot to remove them on the duct up under the dash board. What do I do?
It doesn't blow no air out what so ever..
when first taking off it shifts so hard it sounds like the engine is going to fall out,it also shifts hard when coming to a stop, a big bang, had motor mounts replace ( i was told that was the problem) so why the loun...
no air or heat on vents, this happened after car was worked on from auto garage. also i have to keep replacing motor mount (5 times already) what is up with this?
one electrical & one mechanical,according other forums. will a high mileage timing belt jump a notch? the only performance problem seems to be a small blog about the time check engine flashes on, good gas mileage, goo...
I installed a new water pump and it leaks worse than the old one.
car drive good normal but clutch slips when u get down on it. new clutch
no leaks no bad hoses brand new radiator new thermostat not over heating just keeps boiling out threw the overflow hose and spilling out on the ground could it be the water pump
I put some sea foam in it. thought it may be some bad gas...well that did no good... so I went and got a fuel filter nothing.... any advice???