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97 ford contour will run for a little then die then after you wait like 10 minutes you can start it again. Sometimes I can drive long distances
I need an estimate for the replacement of an O-ring for the #2 cylinder. Want to be sure I don't get ripped off when it is replaced. Thank you for any information you can help me with.
Just bought the car took to advance auto they say needs repair on this O-ring.
how do I fix this?? The motor resistor has been replaced.
off the EGR valve on a 1997 ford contour- it has been pinched together and I don,t know why.
where is the tranny filter located on this car I found a oil pan located under the battery bracket on th side of trans. is this the loaction of the filter- inside this pan?
Then the radiator was boiling. I had checked oil 2 weeks ago. Looks very low now. It used to get warm in 95 degrees. But mevet this. I read something about the ps belt? I am 50 female! Very poor and so dont know what?...
The lower ball joint needs to be removed and a new one installed
No check eng light when driving on long trips. Only in town