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My Ford Contour, the fan motor just stopped working. I switched it from a/c to heat and nothing. What should I check for first? I tried to check the fuse box but coudn't figure out which one it was. Can u help me? Should I replace the fan motor?

by in Kennewick, WA on July 18, 2009
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ANSWER by on July 19, 2009
Fuse 23 (15 Amp) protects the heater control circuit, Fuse 37 supplies power to the fan blower relay, violet orange at the motor should be power key on at the blower motor, black red wire gets grounded at the blower switch or blower resistor pack if it has not failed. Grounding the Black red wire at the blower motor should make the blower motor work at full speed if motor is OK and is receiving power.
COMMENT by on July 30, 2010
I have a similar problem with my Ford Contour but my blower stops working altogether. It was doing it off and on for a while then altogether stopped. I started checking stuff i hot wired the motor and its fine pulled the relay out and straight wired it and its fine. The fuses are good and i found a dash switch next to nothing on eBay so what the hey i tried it, nothing. Did the same routine check today minus the new switch and it worked until about seven hours later when i got back in my car. So i checked the voltage at my blower and it was 2.5 or so volts on all speeds. I'm thinking a bad ground. I did clean my batt. terminal before it started working today for a brief amount of time.
ANSWER by on May 17, 2010
i got same problem sort of but i got mine runnning all time can,t get shut off unless car off
ANSWER by on May 28, 2010
hear is you best answer do have a fuse tester that make your day easier take the test under drives dash there fuse box check them the ones the guy told you to check but don,t be afraid to check restcto make sure there all good good lick from james b
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