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1995 Honda Accord Question: follow up to voltage drop on my honda accord (posted 1/26 0500 hrs)

had the started checked and it was ok. still have 12.45 voltage drop neg terminal to block while battery is at 12.65v. I have no idea where the grounding is or what may be causing it. HELP any ideas? anyone...anyone...anyone...always did like Ben Stone -
Answer 1
ck voltage draw then pulll fuses and see whick one changes the draw. basic test but may find draw -
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tried to no avail, however, I lifted the control unit and found a relay behind it. from schematics it is the Power Assy 5P. when removed from the connector I had no more ground fault and no more continuity between hot leads and the engine block. Two of the 5 pole connectors on the relay exibit continuity...is this normal? (:)': that is the best way I can depict the relay and the two poles in () are the ones the have continuity. any sugestions? -