Follow up on tie rods....PLEASE someone tell me that this isn't true? on 2008 BMW 335i

I would like to give an update of my cracked tie rod. I was told this morning after a mind boggling evening.. "the car isn't made for sliding sideways."!!! I only slid back 5-6' before it stopped...lightly tapping the break to prevent in for hitting a tree on the side of the driveway.. This just doesn't make sense to me. So if I roll back on dry grown, in neutal and it slightly bears to the right my next tie rod will break. Do all BMW do this in snowy conditions. It's not like it moved itself from left to slid 5-6'approx. one foot to the side. I took photos to show the driveway, the slid mark and to where it landed. As I said before there was not obstruction other than gravel. I don't buy this service managers advise. when I called the salesman, he told me that was NOT what was told to him...I had a witness listening to service manager telling me this. The price will be over 800 because both rods need to be replaced and aligned. I'm going to trade it in for a different car but not with that dealership. It's a certified vehicle. 30k at purchase and 30140 since the 30th of Dec. Does this sound like a truthful statement?!

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Why not get a second opinion at another German shop? A BMW is a pretty delicate car, but this sounds excessive. Did you SEE the broken tie-rods, as I suggested in the first answer? As for sliding sideways, this is called 'road hazard' which is a fancy way of saying 'tough luck'. That 50,000 mile/5 year BMW zero cost for maintenance has many types of loop holes, I know a person who can't get his oil changes under the 50k/5 yr 'no cost' program, because he is a salesman and drives a lot, what a crock! Have you called BMW customer service? I would. I think the truth should come out on this 5yr/50k no cost program, I know a lot of people who feel ripped off by it, after they get committed to buying the car. I think that it's a classic example of 'bait and switch'.