fluid leak on 1996 Toyota Avalon

My 1996 avalon just started leaking fluid today. it is a light brownish color and is coming from the front. I had the power steering system hose, etc replaced about 5 months ago. any idea what can be the problem.

by in Cleveland, OH on May 24, 2011
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ANSWER by on May 24, 2011
"light brownish color" - power steering fluid is typically red, and engine oil is typically most brown. However, only a good physical inspection will get to the bottom of what fluid it is. To narrow down the exact area of leakage, the oil can be cleaned up and dye can be added to the appropriate component (engine? power steering pump? transmission?). The dye is observed with a UV black light to determine the source of the leak.
ANSWER by on May 24, 2011
It's hard to say what the fluid is or where it is coming from without being able to see the car first hand. The transmission cooler is at the front of the car, the hoses going to it may be leaking trans oil may be brownish in color. Toyota antifreeze is red in color but may look brown if it is dirty. Best to get it checked and repaired to prevent serious damage.
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