2005 Volvo S40 Q&A

2005 Volvo S40 Question: floor wet behind passenger seat

Just discovered behind the passenger seat floor is sopping wet. Took the floor mat out and trying to air dry the area - I have no idea what has caused this - we have had a huge amount of rain lately and the car is parked in driveway (no garage). Any help would be appreciated. -
Answer 1
Volvo has a service bulletin regarding this issue, there is a "water intrusion behind the windshield" That's the exact phrase they used. Bring it to a Volvo specialize shop to have it repaired, this is an involved process. Tell them this service bulletin number: RTJ14545-2008-10-07 -
Answer 2
I had the same thing. It was the sunroof drain there are two - one in each front corner of the sunroof. You can see them if you put the sunroof back. They are a hassle to get to and I couldn't get any wire or anything down them to clear them. What worked was putting a drinking straw in the hole and blasting high pressure air (from petrol station forecourt) down them. -
Comment 1
I've had the same problem. Performed the same forced air thru straw. Air came out just below windshield same side. The other online discussions indicated a connection between drain tube at right side in post bottom of windshield. It is raining today so I should see if the forced air was sufficient to correct or will I have to take interior post trim off to verify connection at end of tube from sun roof. wcholland -