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1996 Toyota Camry Question: Floodin

Juss replaced the TPS & PCV Valve....idle little high but ran good this morning. went work for a couple of hours and started up. drove to a friends house went in for 5 mins now car won't. smells like its floodin BAD! Car acts like it wants to start but then i smell gas...what could this be? -
Answer 1
tps not set correctly. you don't just repl and all is good you have to set properly -
Comment 1
Been foolin wit it for 2 days now..don't have the machine(or the money) to go have it done...does autozone or ant parts place do the loan a tool on that? if so wat is the namr of it? -
Comment 2
no you need to have it done by a pro -
Comment 3
It will not start at all. acts like it wants to but it doesn't then all u smell is gas. plz help. very close to losin my job cause no ride! -