flashing d4 light on 1995 Acura Legend

D4 light keeps blinking when I drive my 1995 Acura Legend. When I drive on D4, I can see the rpm go up but the car makes different sound and it does not accelerate. I can drive on D2 or Di without any problems. I looked up into forums and found similar problems associated with VSS. What do you think the problem might be? Thanks in advance.

by in Beckley, WV on August 08, 2010
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ANSWER by on August 08, 2010
The Blinking D4 light means that the Transmission computer needs to be Diagnosed, because there is a malfunction. http://repairpal.com/automatic-transmission-diagnosis
COMMENT by on June 10, 2013
i have a problem with d4 flashing, but the car is driving fine. Just started thid morning. What could be the problem? A sensor
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