Flashing check engine light on 2006 Kia Rio

My wife was driving her car at 55mph when suddenly the engine light came on then started flashing.
The car now wont go any faster then 20mph.
Is there a way other then a code reader to get a problem code?

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First - do not drive the car further without a diagnosis. A flashing check engine light is indication of a serious problem that will in short order damage your catalytic converters.

Secondly - no, you need a diagnosis performed. There is no other methods to determine what codes are in the processor...and further, the codes must then be used to perform an actual diagnosis to determine the source of trouble. Good luck.
i broke down and rented a reader. P301 on 1. that was the only code and only pending code..
Cylinder one misfire is what that refers to. This could be:

--a faulty spark plug
--a faulty coil or ignition wire (if equipped)
--a valve train problem in the cylinder head
--a base engine cylinder one problem
--a fuel injector problem

The first place a technician would start is by pulling and inspecting a spark plug. Good luck!
I changed the plugs and they were gapped right, same problem.
im going to pull the coil pack and plug a spark plug into it and see if it sparks
I was thinking the next thing to check would be the injector.. but wouldnt the code for a bad injector show as well?
Injectors are less likely to be faulty all the way around. However, to answer your question - no, the code for faulty injector would not come up necessarily because an injector doesn't have to fail electrically to be faulty.

I would do this:
Swap your number one coil with another one. See if your code changes to follow where you put that coil.

If the code does not change, then I would perform a manual compression test on all 4 cylinders. You may find a valve issue or base engine issue.
ok, today i had time to check a few things
1. pulled the ignition coil out.. put a good sparkplug on it.. started the car... I was still standing so that tells me that there is no voltage going to the spark plug.
Just to make sure.. pulled the wires off #2.. hooked up to #1 and still standing
pulled coil #3 out.. hooked it up the way it should be.. and i was not standing for very long..
Love old school way of doing things LOL
Not EXACTLY the method I would suggest, but...I suppose in the end you found your answer... Yikes. Careful!