2005 Ford Escape Q&A

2005 Ford Escape Question: Flashing Check Engine Light

This just started to occur. there are 77,000 miles on the vehicle. It only happens after heavy rain while the vehicle is parked. When I start to drive the "event" occurs and goes away after driving several miles. -
Answer 1
Do not ignore a flashing check engine light. It is usually an indication of engine misfire, and excessive fuel getting into the catalytic converter as a result. This could damage the cat at some point pretty quickly if left unchecked. You likely have leaking coil boots - leaking spark. Plugs and boots will likely fix your problem. A coil could be faulty too - and testing will determine what codes are in the processor that will lead to looking at which cylinder is in question specifically. -
Comment 1
Thank you, I'll be checking to see how accessible these parts are to determine if I can replace them myself. It is time for them to be replaced anyway. Thanks again. -
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