Volkswagen Passat Problem Report

Volkswagen Passat Flasher Relay Failure Can Cause Erratic Turn Signal Operation

(37 reports)

Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

L turn signal is flickering fast R is flashing at the normal speed -
Signals became erratic and eventually failed. The flasher relay (located on dash inside hazard light button) had to be completely replaced. -
Turn signals don't work. -
left turn signal stop and go then the right did similar pathern then both fail. Sometime they both work then stop after three "blicking" -
The led turn signal are very low dim, and the fast lane signal doesn´t work -
Car at the dealer right now to have it replaced. Unfortunately, it's not the relay behind the hazard switch, but the one behind the steering wheel...$$$ -
I had erratic turn signal and "studdered" (as others reported. I researched the "flasher relay" finding it resided behind the Hazard button. I almost bought a replacement but I tried pushing the hazard flasher button (which I hadn't in years). In the first attempt it didn't work at all, in the second attempt it did, and better, it resolved the turn signal functionality completely! Apparently the connection had eroded from non-use. I had feared it was the signal switch, which is a huge repair but it was not. Try this before you spend many dollars! -
Flasher stops flashing. I need to know how to remove the defective one. -
Just as described on Repair Pal. -
Turn signal works erratically, mostly not working. -
replaced x2 -
Erratic turn signals and hazards. Not a bulb or fuse problem, seems to be the turn signal relay. -
Right turn signal flashed fast at times, then left began then both all the time. Changed the relay myself part $52 at the dealer. Located behind the emergency hazard indicator. All part of the same assembly. -
all bulbs ands flashers and fuse replaced,but still have turn signal promblems -
The signal light does not always work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it get stuck. -
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