Audi A4 Quattro Problem Report

Audi A4 Quattro Flasher Relay Failure Can Cause Erratic Turn Signal Operation

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Erratic turn signal operation can be a result of a failing turn signal flasher relay which will require replacement.

the turn signals stopped working although the emergency flasher still worked... the flasher relays are all in one unit located in the dash behind the red triangular emergency flasher(both the turn signal relays and the emergency flasher relays are all part of one unit)...ordered a new unit online for about $50.00, takes about 20minutes to replace -
Erratic turn signal. replaced signal relay. -
Erratic turn signal operation. Gradually got worse to the point that they would rarely work. I removed the hazard switch/relay above the radio. I took the relay unit apart and found there are two relays on the circuit board, the one for the hazards was working fine but relay for the turn signals would turn on and stay stuck on. I sprayed a bit of WD-40 on the movable part of the relay and now the relay/turn signals are working OK again. We'll see how long it lasts. -
turn signals stopped working accept for manual opperation -
turn signals stopped working although the emergency flashers worked fine... replaced the flasher unit -
hazard and turn signal flasher not working -
Well the turn signal use to flash once or twice and then i never worked again so then i bought a column switch and changed it and it still didn't work and now when i turn on my car it doesn't stay on and when i drive it it does not want change gears it stays in the first one. -
Blinker wouldn't operate properly erratic behavior.replaced the controller. -
Flashers stop working after they warm up. Do not flash after a few seconds. On and off working. Ready to replace relay and see. -
replaced hazard flasher relay above radio -
flashers flash intermitintly -
When i hit the turn signal it starts to flash/click and then freezes on. If it the Flasher Relay and is this something i can fix vs going to the dealer -
first it would flash fast after a day of that I now get two flashes and it turns off -
turn signal portion of flasher stopped working. purchased replacement and installed. didn't take long at all and the part is fairly inexpensive. -
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