Flash fire, total loss on Subaru Baja

Average mileage: 130,000 (130,000–130,000)
1 model year affected: 2006
1 person reported this problem
1 person shared problem details
A matter of some three minutes between smelling something burning (and, thankfully, pulling onto the shoulder of I-81 to investigate) and the vehicle bursting into flames. Took 4 firetrucks 45 minutes to put it out, at which point it had literally melted into the pavement, which presented quite a challenge to the tow truck driver who came to remove the carcass. Fire dept couldn't be certain of cause, but best guess was an electrical fire originating in a malfunction of the blower (fan) that circulates air through the vents. Solution: DON'T BUY ONE, and if you have one GET RID OF IT NOW.
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