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Honda CR-V Flange Bolts May Cause Clunking Noise in Front Suspension

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A clunking noise heard from the front suspension may be caused by the flange bolts for the upper control arm.

same as others described -
clunking in front end it was the swaybar bushings -
Upper control arm bushings make noise, depending on lubrication and climate. I removed them and put high temp brake grease on them and they quieted right down. Clunking noise also can be caused by front sway bar bushings. They are cheap to replace and relatively easy. I have three late 90's crvs. Make sure to check the ball joints and upper control arms. I had one ball joint snap right off right after a NYS inspection. With a car this old , lift up the front end and pull on the tires in all directions. Any play indicates a problem with the ball joints or upper control arms. Other than front suspension problems, these cars are trouble free. The problem lies in the fact that they used the Civic suspension platform on a much heavier car. -
Note clunking noise on the right now on the left front suspension. -
I had the same problem, but after having the flange bolts replaced the sound and the ride are great. I currently have 181,000 on my 1998 crv. -
Clunking noise from front left suspension when backing out of the driveway. Fixed by replacing upper control arm. -
I was told the sway bar end links need to be replaced. -
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