Flakey Air Conditioning on Nissan Altima

Average mileage: 65,048 (852–170,000)
8 model years affected: 2000, 2002, 2008, 2010, more2011, 2012, 2013, 2015
21 people reported this problem
17 people shared problem details
2011 Nissan Altima30,018
My ac is working in every sense except is blowing hot air when is set to cold. Suddenly stopped blowing cold air. Please help. Someone tell me how to fix this on a limited income.
from a cold start air conditioning works fine and will continue to work fine as long as engine is running and air conditioning stays on, drove 200 miles and air blew cold entire time. Stopped to get a drink turning off car. Engine restarted but Air conditioning compressor would not come back on. When engine completely cooled and air system stabilized air compressor came back on and air was cold again. This situation was repeated dozens of times over the summer. Sometimes I would cut air off with switch about 2-3 miles before stopping to park, sometimes air would come back on when car restarted after short stop.
Same exact issue. Everybody wants to charge me $1200 to fix but I know from another blog that it is actually an easy fix based on a statement from a nissan technician.
2013 Nissan Altima37,000
The car's a/c unit is blows hot air instead of cold. I've gotten 3 different opinions.
2015 Nissan Altima3,450
I have a new 2015 Nissan Altima and today from start up the air conditioning was only blowing how air, as the outside air temperature in Houston on Sept 30 was about 90 degrees with humidity. This is the first time this has happened. I tried switching off and on the AC with the engine warm with no correction. Now I have a dealer appointment tomorrow and the service rep did not seemed surprised.
2000 Nissan Altima155,236
Ac cuts on and off I try clicking the blinker up and down and it's almost like it works Also car jerks randomly and I here something click when I tap On the break I'm starting to fear this car they need to recall this car ...single working mom with 3yr old afraid to drive my car and tired keep wearing down like every month
My 2013 started having AC issues in 2014. Problems include: AC taking as long as 5-10 minutes to feel cool. Also the only way it becomes cool is if I'm driving 40mph +.
Cooling Stops. Car is running, cooling stops and blows hot air. works intermittently.b Service man s aid it was a lack of Freon from factory but apparently not since it stopped again. This is a new car.
2000 Nissan Altima49,000
AC stopped working. Got compressor replaced. Has stopped working 3 more times since then. Still no good solution. First time, a hose wasn't on correctly. Second time, replaced malfunctioning wire. I don't know what is wrong this time. Will take it back tomorrow.
2013 Nissan Altima57,000
Drove 2 hours to pick up my daughter, had the air blasting cold the whole way, after getting her and turning around it wouldn't blow cold
2012 Nissan Altima36,000
a/c worked fine until May, hit a deer. after the repair work was done, the A/C was making vacuum noises, took back to shop, he sent me to another mechanic, who drained the coolant and told us not to use the a/c. he replaced compressor, and it works when it wants to.,
2000 Nissan Altima98,000
same as stated above
2008 Nissan Altima88,800
A/c and heat are not working
2002 Nissan Altima75,000
Ac and heat only work sporatically. Sometimes it won't kick on until I am going over 50 miles per hour, and sometimes not at all. Both ac and heat.
2012 Nissan Altima68,600
Compressor stopped working for the third time, now I have to bring it back to the shop, I do have a 1 year warranty . Plus the same thing happened when we had an 08 altima, but we got it fixed , then got a 12 and the same problem
2013 Nissan Altima56,876
Flakey air condition,change inside cab filter smell like mildew..still same start the car air is cold stop at a light air is hot...
2010 Nissan Altima95,000
Blowing hot air. Compressor has been replaced. This will be the 5th time it has to go back to dealership. ..getting really sick of this BS with this car doin the same thing over a period of two months...
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