Fixed - now brake lights stay on on 1993 Nissan 240SX

Ok. Got it 'fixed' yesterday. Out today, came home and now brake lights won't go out at all! Where is the fuse? Where are the associated wires for the brake under the gear shift?

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When I changed the vacuum brake booster on my truck I had this problem. If I pulled the brake pedal up (towards me) with my foot the brake lights would go out. The 240's have the brake (stop lamp) switch on the brake pedal assembly. It is a momentary push button switch that has threads and a lock nut for adjustment.
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You will need to look at the owners manual for the fuse location. You may want to look at the brake light switch, if for some reason the shop was working in that area, they may have bumped the switch and affected the adjustment, causing the brake lights to stay on.
It could be the rubber grommet by the brake pedal arm, right under the dash. Mine had dry rotted away,made my brake lights stay on. Look on and around the floor mat,, if you see little rubber pieces laying around it's that rubber grommet. Sorry can't remember the actual name of it other than rubber grommet but the parts store or local nissan dealer will know what you're referring to.