Fix it and keep or trade??? on 2004 Volvo XC90

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My volvo has 94k on it right now, and I'm trying to decide what to do. Had it in the shop last week and need a new rear differential ($1700) due to a bearing in the viscous coupling. Also need a new timing belt ($575). They recommended a turbo hose replacement, transmission fluid flush, etc. Now I've got a small oil leak. The car is paid off...don't know what to do!
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Get a second opinion and estimate! IF you like the vehicle best money spent is to fix it, however, if you really want a new one and can afford it then trade as you probably are not going to be happy otherwise! Your call.
rear diff. rebuild should cost around $700.00. better than complete replacement if money is issue(it always is). timing belt $400.00. etc. get another opinion. it is a good car but you have to way out your options on trade in.
At 94K miles, that Volvo is just getting broke in. Compare $2000 to $30000 for a new one, you will see where I am coming from. You need to see if you can find someone who is Volvo certified to do it that does not work for a dealership. There is one in every town, just ask around.

I have owned six Volvos and you cannot wear them out. Besides, they do not change the designs that often. Good luck!
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