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1990 BMW 325i Question: find timing marks and set timing

Im attempting to replace the timing belt and have already taken the parts off the engine. How do I find the timing marks and how are they supposed to be lined up before i put the new timing belt on? -
Answer 1
My best suggestion would be to get a service manual from your local parts store. I mean you are willing to replace the timing belt yourself but not willing to get a manual? -
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Im actually trying to help a friend with this chore. He purchased a manual and he tells me that it doesnt give the locations of the timing marks and how to line them up to properly set the timing. -
Answer 2
ensure arrow on camshaft is aligned to timing mark on cylinder head. timing mark on crank sproket is aligned towith notchin cover (about 1 0clock position. -
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thank you kindly for your response -