Find Freon leak fix problem then recharge system with R134 36oz?
on 2005 Pontiac Montana

186632 miles and was just filled with AC service 4-15-2013

Asked by for the 2005 Pontiac Montana
what is the question? if you lost the freon charge you still have a leak
could it be the condenser? problem supposedly fixed by Pontiac after model year 2002, checking all fittings and lines, accumulater,compressor,.........cannot get to evaporator without removing dash.? Common areas to find leaks?
any place there is a connection. have a/c leak dye installed with new freon and drive veh. after approx a week ck for leak with yellow tinted special glasses and flour light. the leak will surely show itself.
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If the A/C refrigerant was recently recharged and now the cooling capability is diminished, there is likely a leak. Was dye added when the recharge was performed? More importantly, was the system pressure tested to EPA standards to ensure it holds a vacuum? The vacuum test ensures there are no leaks otherwise ambient air is sucked into the system and the pressure test fails.