Filling Gas Tank on 2004 Scion xA

Has anyone had an issue filling the gas tank? This weekend I stopped to fill up and the gas nozzle kept cuttting off like the tank was full

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2005 xa on 3/17/2007 at 30,501 miles replaced fuel tank, fuel filler tube .. Has same problem again at 80,000 miles. Been living with it, but it takes forever to fill the tank. Need to get it replace soon at estimates of $700 because won't pass yearly NYS auto inspection with this design problem. Trying to find a way to make Toyota help cover the cost and to give me a warranty on the repair this time.
I've had the same problem. Got it fixed under warranty but having same problem again. Dealer says I need the same fix but at $700 my expense. Is an obvious design issue that the manufacturer is unwilling to make right. I've bought my last Toyota. Can't deal with a manufacturer that won't support its product.
I called the manufacture directly and they reimbursed me for the 2nd repair at 80,000. If there are others out there was the same problem of tank refusing to accept fuel, it is obvious an design problem!
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I have this problem as well sometimes, but only at certain gas stations. Sometimes I just need to put the nozzle in a different way or not have it in all the way. I'm not sure if either of those solutions are good, but they seem to work for me.
Just watched a video on youtube showing where wasps had built a nest inside one of the tubes under the car that goes to the gas tank. Might be a tube or hose that is stopped up.
Good luck!