1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Q&A

1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager Question: Feeling the road/ground when I hit the break!

Whenever I drive over wet dirt or snow I can feel it when I hit the breaks. It feels like the break pedal is hitting the ground! It's only when it's wet! What could be causing this and is this normal? -
Answer 1
I would remove all wheels, drums, and inspect all caliper mounts and pads and hardware and shoes at rear for holddown problems and maybe hardware came undone. May be a surface problem at the rotors/drums. Look for discolored hot spots. Sounds like your prob happens when brakes are getting wet. By the way, I used to live on Paradise Ave. and have been to very many Gold Nugget Days and remember almost all of them but some are very fuzzy. -
Comment 1
Thank you for the tip! My husband thinks it's the abs at work that I am feeling, but it doesn't seem normal to me. I will try your idea! Thanks! -
Comment 2
I wrongfully assumed that you had driven it long enough to have experienced the abs brakes before. If not then I believe your husband to be right. You will feel a pulsation at the pedal that feels like it is pulsing and trying to push back at you pushing down but pulsing at the same time. Will make a noise also. If that is what you feel then I bet that is it. My uncle used to operate a repair shop in town and I would have sent you there. He went to work for the county and has since retired. Hope all is well in Paradise. -
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Thank you! You should move back - lol! -
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So I could work on your vehicles, right. If there was a tech job or service writer/service manager I would consider it. I still have family there and lots of friends. -