2007 Chevrolet Uplander Q&A

2007 Chevrolet Uplander Question: Feel knock/thump in left wheelwell

I feel a Knock/thump and hear it from the left wheel well, when I drive over some rough roads, but not all the time, can't see anything wrong.... -
Answer 1
Can you feel this thru the steering wheel? These cars are prone to the steering intermediate shaft rattling in them. Sometimes they will clunk when stopping and starting, sometimes when turning slowly at parking lot speed,etc. Maybe a strut noise? If not that I would check the sway bar links. Thats the only 2 things I have seen repeatedly on these. -
Answer 2
Rear control arm bushings -
Answer 3
Might need balljoints replaced -
Answer 4
Found the problem to be that the joint for the emergancy brack is banging the rear axle, get the rubber holder for it, and install yourself, or it can cost you lots -