Honda CR-V Problem Report

Honda CR-V Brake Light On Due to Faulty Master Cylinder Resevoir Filter

(22 reports)

A faulty brake master cylinder reservoir filter can cause the brake system indicator to illuminate after a cold start and then go off. Replacement of the reservoir filter will commonly fix this problem.

brake light comes on intermittently. -
During cold weather brake light is lit on start up and goes off after 10-15 minutes of driving. -
brake light on upon morning start then off after several minutes. auto shop ruled out everything else. -
Brake light stays on, even though the hand brake is off(down). It goes off once the car has warmed up. -
I have this same light problem -
when car has started the brake light stays on til i start driving then goes off -
Brake light comes during cold weather start, then goes off, never happens in warm weather. -
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