Brake Light On Due to Faulty Master Cylinder Resevoir Filter on Honda Accord

A faulty brake master cylinder reservoir filter can cause the brake system indicator to illuminate after a cold start and then go off. Replacement of the reservoir filter will commonly fix this problem.

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Average mileage: 124,922 (75,000–172,000)
5 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002
17 people reported this problem
5 people shared problem details
2000 Honda Accord153,000
Brake indicator light comes on when cold. When I took cover off the reservoir I noticed that the black gasket ring was mashed flat in one area. I removed and reshaped the ring and reinstalled. When I restarted the car the light was out. I will monitor and see if the problem is fixed.
2000 Honda Accord126,000
This happened last winter and is happening again this winter. I don't believe it is a real problem but my state inspection is due and I will certianly fail with the brake light active.
2001 Honda Accord75,000
haven't fixed the problem. light goes on and off but brakes are actually fine
2002 Honda Accord100,000
Brake indicator comes on every cold morning. Letting the car warm up turns the indicator off. It's been to several mechanics and yes it can be fixed, but if the light doesn't bother you (I personally couldn't care less) then as the mechanics said it doesn't really effect anything. My cars up to 125,000 no issues other than routine maintenance. If a sensor is all I have to worry about I call that solid construction.
happens more in the cold weather.
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