fault codes on 2003 BMW 330i

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fault codes read
o2 sensor adaptation limit cyl 1-3
02 sensor adaptation limit cyl 4-6
02 sensor control limit cyl 1-3
catalytic convertor efficency cyl 1-3
these are the four codes I get I have just changed the two front oxygen sensors and reset and have these codes after that. I would appericate any help.
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These codes do not mean that the O2 sensors are faulty, necessarily. I doubt that they are, I think they''re doing their job and that you have an air leak into the intake or something causing too much fuel to be used. It could be telling you that you need to check for a failing converter, too. Get it checked by a Beemer specialist.
Here's a directory link for you::
Thanks for the info I will take get it checked out
The adaptation codes mean the computer is trying to compensate for an out of range fuel air mixture. If you have replaced two sensors and get the same codes there is another root problem, Bmw also had lots of software updates for the engine control computers to fix various problems. your most probable causes are vacuum leaks, bad crankcase vent system, over fueling, and software flash