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2005 Buick Rendezvous Question: Fast idle on my Rendezvous

My 2005 rendezvous has begun to idle in excess of 2500 rpm s, whether in park or neutral. if you leave the motor running at this idle rate, the temp. gauge will go to the 3/4 mark for a little bit and then drop back to normal. In drive, you can reach 50mph without touching the accellerator. No dash lights ever come on and a diagnostic test revealed nothing wrong. If you turn the motor off and restart, it may be fine for a few minutes, then begin to idle fast again. Thank you -
Answer 1
idle air control motor may be bad or gross vaccuum leak. take it to a shop for them to verify. Roy -
Comment 1
Thanks, Roy. I have had it to my local guy twice...when you say gross vacuum leak, would that be the intake manifold gasket? -
Comment 2
hi if you figure out what this problem is please do share my 04 is doing the same thing i have changed many parts pcv valve and the line for it cleaned mass air flow sens and idle air control sens is new nothing i change seems to help it but yes in park and n it goes up to about 2500 r 3k and you can reach about 55 without gas peddle being touched -
Comment 3
I also have a 2005 rendevous which is doing the same thing idle at 3000 rpm but the turn off and may be fine the next couple of starts mechanic put on computer and says it shows that everything is fine..... Does anyone know what to replace or how to fix this problem???? -
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