fast idil on 2000 Ford Taurus

when i start the car after it has sat over nite the idil jumps to 2000rpm for a few seconds that seems high then it drops to 1300 i know it has some thing to do with the tempiture
in the summer it go s up to 1700 or 1800in the winter it can go as high as 2300 for a few seconds i dont think it should ever go above 1300 rpms when you start it. it dose idil at 600
rpms after it has warmed up
after a miniute

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Are you the original owner of this vehicle? If so when did you start to notice this issue? The engine control module is programmed to raise the idle speed when cold to speed up the warm up process. It helps circulate the oil faster and heat up the catalytic converters and coolant faster, to lower emissions. 2300 rpm should be reached for only a short amount of time and the idle speed should slowly drop down. If all is working correctly, the idle speed in gear with engine at normal operating temperature should be around 650-750 rpm. Does your vehicle do that? If so I would not consider it as doing anything wrong. When you select gears it does not slam into gear does it? If not then no problem. These problems will happen if you recently changed the battery or had a dead battery and recharged it, the vehicle engine control module should relearn the proper idle speed after a couple of days then. Good luck.