RepairPal Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Doesn’t Your Website Have Any Cars Older Than 1990?

RepairPal doesn't currently cover cars produced before 1990 because the number of pre-1990 vehicles on the road is diminishing and because we focus on the most popular models and years. Additionally, the availability of parts for older cars is fairly limited and price data is difficult to acquire. If we don’t have confidence in our ability to generate accurate estimates, we won’t publish them.

I Own a Shop. Why Isn't It Listed in the Directory?

There are hundreds of thousands of individual shops listed in our directory and they are constantly being updated. But we need your help to continue to improve. If you don’t see your shop, or if any of the information about your shop is inaccurate or incomplete, please let us know » 

What Does the RepairPal Q&A Cover?

We want to capture all of your questions and give experts and knowledgeable visitors an opportunity to help out. Sometimes our expert technicians are able to answer your questions. Other times, the amazing RepairPal community can answer them. This service is 100 percent free and easy to use, but we can't guarantee that you'll receive the answer you're looking for or that you'll receive it immediately. Go to Q&A »

Who Are the RepairPal Experts That Answer Questions?

We have ASE Certified Master Technicians who have worked for dealerships and independent shops, and have won awards for their customer service and expertise. They have been Volvo and GM Master Technicians and one of them holds an Advanced California Smog Check License. Our lead parts expert owned his own body shop for 15 years and has purchased two NAPA Auto Parts stores. He has been building and showing muscle cars for 25 years and is also a California Licensed General Contractor.

Why Don’t You Cover Canada?

Providing accurate RepairPrice Estimates for drivers in the United States was a difficult project, and we focused solely on the U.S. out of necessity. The interest coming from Canada since our launch has been extraordinary and we will expand our service to cover Canada as soon as possible.

What If I See a Shop Review That Is Inappropriate?

In addition to the verified customer reviews of RepairPal Certified shops gathered through direct interviews during our shop evaluations, we encourage our community of RepairPal users to post their own shop reviews on our site. We rely on the community to let us know when someone has posted a review to a shop listing in our directory that just doesn't seem right. In rare cases, we will remove reviews that don't mesh with the RepairPal spirit of transparency and helpfulness. Learn more in our Shop Rating and Reviews Terms of Service.

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