2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Q&A

2005 Hyundai Santa Fe Question: fan speed blower

How hard is it to replace the fan speed blower motor switch? I have to push it in and hold it in order for the fan/ac to come on, Please help -
Answer 1
get someone to install a three way toggle, 'till you can figure out what to order. And then let me know. That's where we are at. And still searching for that "Fan Speed Control" (Blower Control)...a knob???? a switch..... and a part number would help. -
Answer 2
It isn't hard at all. Takes about 15 to 20 minutes. My daughters 05 did the same thing. New part from Auto Zone is about $48. Remove ashtray, a couple of screws, pull cover from the bottom outward and unplug the wires on the back, a few more screws, and pop old switch out. -
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