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1996 Ford Escort Question: fan relay location

Hello; My fan wont come on when I turn on the a/c. I hot wired directly to the battery and it spins. Fuses check out ok. I want to test the fan relay, but I can't locate it. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks. Steve. -
Answer 1
Hey Steve, Were yo able to figure out why the fan wasn't coming on? Was there a problem with the relay? Thanks! -
Answer 2
wire it to the altinator -
Answer 3
where is they radiator fan relay locate -
Answer 4
Sounds like the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM) is likely at fault, this module controls the A/C fan on the eng to come on when the A/C is being used, it controls the A/C compressor clutch which if the clutch don't engage, you'll get NO A/C. it also contols parts of the powertrain control module, specifically that part that increases eng rpm at idle when the A/C is operating so the added power needed by the compressor doesn't stall the engine. BTW this little jewel is well hidden up under the air intake filter canister. Easiest way to locate it is to just go thru the steps to replace the air filter And then go one step farther and take out the canister part of the filter apparatus. Hope this helps. I haven't tried it yet but some gomer on ebay offers to rebuild your ccrm for $65 with one day turn around. IF he can do it, shouldn't be too difficult. probably only looking for a piss poor solder joint anyway that finally gave out.once I get into mine I'll let you know. -
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