Fan keeps running after I remove ignition key on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

For whatever reason, sometimes (but not every time), some fan continues to run for at least 30 seconds after I remove the ignition key. Do I need to take it in for repair, or is it just normal? I've noticed this ever since I bought it (aug., 08). However, before, it would run for only a few seconds, then stop. Now, it's longer, like I said, 30 seconds or so, then it would stop. Thanks!

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Most cars with electric cooling system fans will allow the electric cooling fan to run after the key is switched off. When you switch off an engine that has reached 195 or 200 degrees the fan will run for little while to cool the engine down. If it stayed on for over a minute I might be worried it may run down the battery but I don't feel you have anything to worry about.
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As a footnote with a thoroughly warmed up engine , such as say after coming off a freeway drive , the fan after run could be +/- 10 minutes!!
One reason for this is to protect the turbo from what is called " hot soak" which can contribute to turbo wear........